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Venice, Italy

Venice is one of those places that is so unlike home it couldn’t be much further apart but it also felt so familiar. The minute I stepped into those cobble streets I felt like I belonged there, wandering aimlessly for as long as I felt like. There are so many words I could use to describe Venice but simply put…it is wonderful.

We walked for hours around the narrow streets surrounded by canals in all directions. Beautiful doors were sitting just above the water, paint falling off due to the water and the age. People’s washing hanging out the windows drying in the sun and hundreds of gondolas were peacefully floating on by. People seemed happy…maybe it was the crazy amount of pizza and gelato restaurants!!

We went up the clock tower on San Marco square and enjoyed a view of the whole of Venice. The burnt orange rooftops across the whole of the city were just stunning with the Basilica right in the middle.

We stumbled across a really interesting exhibition whilst exploring the city. It was called ‘Doing Time’ by Tehching Hsieh. He undertook year long experiments to test the ability of the human body. One of the experiments he did was to clock in and take a self portrait on the hour, every hour for a whole year. I know, crazy right? Seems impossible? Every single photo was shown in the style of a contact print right there in the room. It was incredible and so unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

In the evening we sat and watched the sun set right on the water front watching the waves gently flow backwards and forwards. It was so peaceful. One thing I loved about Venice was the fact that there were no cars around. No traffic, no loud noises, no pollution. To get around you either walk on foot or catch a water taxi.

The rest of our time was spent people watching and drinking delicious Italian coffee and I’m really not sure what is better than that!


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  1. Sian says:

    Beautiful words and imagery. I loved Venice so much such a stunning city I cannot wait to go back. That exhibition sounds so interesting I wish we had spotted that when we were there, I can’t get my head round taking a selfie every hour.

    • Bells Hann says:

      Thank you Sian! It is certainly a magical place, there’s loads to explore there.
      The exhibition was amazing, the idea of it is so crazy! He did another project where he avoided all shelter for a whole year, wouldn’t even go into a shop I don’t think!

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