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Rome, Italy

Rome, Rome, Rome. I have so many thoughts on Rome but the first and definitely the most memorable…it is very busy!! I mean, of course it’s jam packed full of tourists, did I expect anything else, but I mean it’s really busy. There are people everywhere and in all directions. When we were there it hit 27C and neither Kieron or I cope very well in the heat, especially when there is a lot of walking and exploring to do and people to dodge every other second. However, this is what else I thought of Italy’s capital!

First things first, we tried the pizza…when in Rome and all. It was THE best pizza I’ve ever eaten. Fact. Mine is of course the one covered in spinach and whilst I studied the menu very hard I came to the conclusion that I made no mistakes!

On our first full day in Rome we did the touristy bits. We went to the Vatican City although we didn’t go any further or explore the churches. We both would have liked to however as neither of us is hugely into history or art (sorry not sorry) and as we’re on a very tight budget we decided we’d rather eat more pizza…

We headed over to the Colosseum and again just enjoyed the views from the outside. I was more than happy with this and as I haven’t been inside I can’t really give a full opinion but from what I could see it is absolutely overrated. The history behind it is amazing and to know what went on is incredible so I can definitely see the attraction but it’s just not something I felt I needed to spend my money on!

Our second day was my favourite day as we explored a really lovely area called Trastevere. It was about a 30 minute walk from the centre of Rome but to me it was even more beautiful and wonderfully peaceful. There were colourful streets with ivy leaves hanging from the window and what is not to love about that? There was also a really stunning church in the area decorated with beautifully intricate gold mosaics.

So overall our stay in Rome was great and pretty crazy!


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