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I took a trip to London a few weekends ago with my love and we had a brilliant time exploring some places we haven’t visited before.

I’ve wandered the streets of London more times than I could count, but I’m guilty of always going to the same places; Camden, Portobello Market and Oxford Circus just to name a few.

This trip, we wanted to see London in a way we haven’t before. We took an overground train (highly recommended, much less claustrophobic) and found ourselves right in the heart of vibrant, distinctive Shoreditch. This area of London is full to the brim of art, creativity and diversity. On street walls, in the box park and even on the people there is something to admire.

As we sat in a beautiful coffee shop called Attendant (thumbs up for Attendant), we people watched till I’d slurped up the very last drop of my iced latte, and I realised we were completely surrounded by talented, open-minded individuals. It had me thinking that if I lived in London, would I be the same person I am now? The answer didn’t come straight to mind, which probably means it’s a no. It’s been playing on my mind since our trip – why is it that if I had a new start somewhere, I’d use that as our opportunity to reinvent myself?


This has given me the courage and enthusiasm to be a little more ‘me’…even if only in my mind…for now.

Here’s two street shots I took on the day. I barely had my camera on all day, simply because I was in a ‘I don’t want to photograph, I want to enjoy this moment’ kinda mood.


A couple browsing the street market.

A couple browsing the street market.


Seller, taking a tech break.

Seller, taking a tech break.

For your information, old habits and all…we did end up in Camden. We also visited the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition at Greenwich University and that was absolutely outstanding. Of the few exhibitions I have been to that is 100% one of the best and definitely worth a visit.

Hopefully from this day I will take away the fact that it’s so important to be true to yourself and create whatever the hell in life you want to create.


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