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We drove up to the Peak District, myself, Kieron and his friend Ronan and set off on our hike. It was just a short one, but as the sun was high and the trail was steep, it was pretty sweaty. My favourite kind of hike.

We reached the top and soaked in the views. Those beautiful, breathtaking kind of views. Often on a long walk or one where I’m particularly struggling to catch my breath, it’s not uncommon for the words ‘why on earth am I doing this’ to come out of my mouth, but when you get to the top, you just know.

We chose our spot away from the wind, facing directly into the sun, and Ronan’s creativity began. Kieron went first, he got a little mountain with sun-rays around it, and I got three tiny little peaks all hand poked with a needle.

The mountains and the natural beauty they give us mean so much to me, they are my ultimate happy place, and to have them tattooed on me forever, knowing they were given to me in one of my favourite places in the company of my love, will be something I will carry with me forever.

Here’s a few of shots of the day – the photos of Kieron and Ronan I took but Kieron edited them. Kieron and I (I basically just pressed record) shot a video of the day also, it’s awesome, you should check it out below.

Ronan also has a clothing brand called Wisdom & Spirit where they ‘produce original hand-made clothing ethically resourced for pure comfort.’ Their branding is amazing and super comfy to wear. To know that it’s locally created AND they take the environment into consideration is wonderful. You can see us rocking the W&S hats below.


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