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“Small changes eventually add up to huge results” – Unknown.  

At the end of 2015, I had ‘that feeling’ about heading into 2016 and making a fresh start. That lovely feeling of a brand new beginning and a chance to reset your life and do more of what you love.

As midnight came around and we entered 2016, Kieron and I were photographing a sky full of stars on a country road, watching a line of fireworks going off in the city. I started 2016 in a job I very much disliked (what a surprise to those who know me well), living in a body I had not much confidence about and experiencing a whole lot of on and off anxiety about, well…life.

My New Year’s resolutions ranged from something as vague as ‘be more healthy’ to the specifics such as ‘climb Mount Snowdon’. I mean, what does being healthy even mean? I’m not sure I even knew at the time I set that goal for myself. It’s no secret that if you eat your greens and you workout regularly, you’re helping maintain a fit and well-balanced lifestyle. But do you know what’s most important? Having a HEALTHY MIND – and that’s something I’ve learned throughout this year by experimenting with different things and focusing a little more on listening to my own thoughts.

What have I achieved this year?

I believe it’s so important to focus on the positive aspects of life on a daily basis, rather than the things that maybe don’t quite go to plan or the things you wish you had. 2016 has taught me to take a step back in life and consider the things that actually, genuinely matter. I’ve educated myself (although not nearly enough and I’m still eager to learn more) about the world and how we can make it a better place. I volunteered at our local Green Backyard and have plans to help out further in 2017. I have switched my diet from eating anything and everything my eyes could see to eating way more mindfully and I now enjoy a pescatarian diet. I started a new job for an Organic farm, and now I help encourage other people to introduce a plant-based diet into their own lives.

Throughout the year I successfully achieved two of my main fitness goals – to climb the three highest peaks in the U.K which was utterly amazing, and I ran my first ever half marathon raising £343.00 for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). You can read about both of those here and here. I also enjoyed many camping trips away and explored a lot of the beautiful Peak District. I helped plan, organise and run a wedding. I bought the best thing I’ve ever purchased – my Canon 5D3. With the help of my amazing family I started my travel fund and have actual plans *eeks* to begin my trip in late 2017. My best friend got engaged…and asked me to be a bridesmaid(!). My wonderful Great Nana turned 100 years old. I started a new job and learnt for about the 50th time I’m not made to work in this lifetime (haha, just kidding…maybe).

All in all I’d say I’ve had a pretty damn good year. And the progress and determination does not stop there.

My New Year’s Resolutions/Goals for 2017 – 

– Begin my dream to travel the world and hopefully…just hopefully…find the career path I want to pursue.

– Complete the Three Peaks Challenge (if anyone has any training tips – come at me!)

– Run another half marathon – but this time quicker.

– Learn more about keeping the world sustainable.

– Be happy, maintain a balanced lifestyle and be happy some more.

Share your 2016 and your goals for 2017 in the comments below!

“The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it’ 



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